Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence is the convergence of technology and analysis to enable effective decision making.

Business intelligence is a term that denotes the ability for key individuals in your organization to have the facts and business metrics they need to make intelligent business decisions. Think of business intelligence as aiming to provide the right-people with the right-information at the right-time. Organizations are increasingly deploying web-based KPI dashboards that display key metrics and analytics throughout the entire hierarchy.

Most organisations have either considered or adopted Business Intelligence (BI) as a solution to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. Business intelligence projects have historically produced remarkable results for countless companies. These projects give business analysts and the relevant stakeholders access to timeous and more accurate information to enable them to make better decisions when properly implemented.

Real business intelligence originates from the analytics and reporting capabilities that is accessible to an organisation's key stakeholders as a result of the data rationalization and integration process that occurs during the creation of a BI solution.

One of the critical success factors of a BI system is the ability for the decision maker to access data and information easily and quickly. Essentially this is determined by the BI application that interfaces to the data warehouse. However, the implementation thereof is a determining factor for success. Kwezi Software Solutions can assist with the implementation of any BI application on leading BI products.

The implementation is customised to satisfy the business requirement. We have the available skillset along with the relevant experience to assist in all the phases of the Business Intelligence implementation, or alternatively, expert insight and support in specific phases of the implementation. Several features of BI domain areas which we support are: data mining, predictive analytics, online analytical processing, dashboards, visualisation and mobile BI.

Our Service Offering

  • Readiness Assessment
  • Evaluate an organization's BI and/or data warehousing maturity and recommend the most appropriate implementation strategy (road-map).

  • Business Analytics
  • Determine the business requirements for a BI solution, as well as the existing data sources that can be used to satisfy these requirements, which is further translated into technical requirements.

  • Evaluation
  • Review existing implementations of Data Warehouses and BI systems and recommend enhancements (where applicable) that are aligned with industry standards and best practices. This includes assessments of the system architecture, implementation methodology, data and process designs, technical system configurations, performance factors and query/report design and configurations.

  • System Design
  • Develop or refine the BI or Data Warehouse architecture (which includes the data and process designs). System Design must ensure that best practices are entrenched for example integration, data quality, MDM principles and use of dimensional models.

  • Implementation
  • Develop, test and deploy all system components as defined in the design specifications. It includes physical database and ETL process implementations.

  • Project Management
  • Manage the implementation phases and resourcing of a BI or Data Warehouse solution, either using Kwezi Software Solutions (in full) or the client's methodology. Stakeholder input is however crucial for project success.

  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance of the BI and/or Data Warehouse system, which entails execution and monitoring of all ETL and front-end processes, database management, scheduling, report management, error handling, resolution, change management and data management .

Business intelligence, or BI relates to gathering, storing, analysing and providing access to data which helps organisations gain insight and thereby make key strategic decisions to support the organisation at various levels

This can include, among many other domain areas:

  • Analysing customer behaviours, buying patterns and sales trends
  • Measuring, tracking and predicting sales and financial performance
  • Budgeting and financial planning and forecasting
  • Tracking the performance of marketing campaigns
  • Optimising processes and operational performance
  • Improving delivery and supply chain effectiveness
  • Web and e-commerce analytics
  • Customer relationship management
  • Risk analysis
  • Strategic value driver analysis
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Trends

BI as a discipline is made up of several inter related activities, including data mining, online analytical processing, querying, reporting and dash boarding.

At Kwezi Software Solutions, we have partnered with world class industry leaders in this field to deliver customised solutions that enable the alignment of your IT strategy with the ever increasing business demands by using a combination of value-add technology, best-practice services and flexible resourcing options.