Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

Kwezi Software Solutions offers the following simple definition for Enterprise Architecture: It is the discipline of continual alignment of Value between Business and IT.

Kwezi Software Solutions believes in a pragmatic approach to Enterprise Architecture through measurable and results orientated programmes which address specific business use cases.

The actual alignment between business and IT is achieved through the establishment and maintenance of the relationships that exist between:

  • The functions that business performs
  • The processes they execute on
  • The applications that support these
  • The data that flows throughout

Kwezi Software Solutions subscribes to The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) as a basis on which to drive our engagements. However, the emphasis is always on the delivery of value, and based on the "best fit" methodology for any given organisational culture.

Our service offerings in this space are as follows:

  • EA Framework Development and Alignment
  • EA Governance Establishment
  • Business Capability Assessment
  • EA Maturity Model Assessment
  • EA tool evaluation and selection Consulting
  • For Data Governance activities with a strong focus on Data Quality: