Enterprise Information Management

Enterprise Information Management(EIM) is an integrative discipline for structuring, describing and governing information assets across organizational and technological boundaries to improve efficiency, promote transparency and enable business insight - Gartner

From cost factors to security, compliance and risk, organizations are constantly evolving to better understand their business, the value and risks of organizational information as well as the criticality of capitalizing on information as an asset. Unfortunately, the lack of cohesive information strategies and business maturity limits organizations in strategic and operational decision making that directly supports the profitability of the organization, the improvement of processes, innovation, agility and response to competitive market pressure.

Kwezi Software Solutions offers turn key integrated Enterprise Information Management Solutions to our clients. We align expert professional consulting, best practices, principles, standards and methodologies to satisfy the need for a 360, unified, end to end view of the client's enterprise.

Kwezi Software Solutions Service Offering

  • Professional expert Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Project Management
  • Support Services
  • Skilled Resourcing
  • Training

The Benefits

  • Aligning Business and IT needs and turning information into insight
  • Getting the right data at the right time with the right people in the right place
  • Deeper understanding of what information is, how it is viewed and how to use it
  • Keeping up with industry trends and competition
  • Understanding cross over themes , for example in terms of what information has the same meaning to different stakeholders
  • Progressive knowledge Management
  • Smarter, faster and better day to day strategic decision making.
  • Analysis and reporting enabling opportunities for developments, and monitoring
  • A more customer centric analysis to assist with identifying opportunities, analysis of new customer expectations and identifying of markets
  • Cost reduction, improved budgeting and identification of key potential savings
  • Smarter decision making with complete, timely, and accurate information
  • Rationalized business operations across disparate systems with consistent and dependable information
  • Improved efficiency with access to any content important to our clients business

"Each corporate information asset represents both risk and value to today's organization. Every email is a potential smoking gun and every contract the potential solution to a costly litigation. At the same time, unstructured information is today's oil, and being able to capture, preserve, manage, and capitalize on it is the next frontier of competitive business. EIM acts as a force multiplier in helping organizations unlock the untapped value of unstructured information, while complying with regulatory requirements and ensuring that corporate data is safe." CEO - Opentext