Metadata Management

What is Metadata?

Metadata is structured information that defines, locates, and makes it easier to retrieve, use, or manage an information resource. Metadata is often called data about data or information about information.

The term Metadata is used variably across many different areas of work type, for example traditional library cataloguing is a form of metadata. It streams across four business areas: Design, Operation, Management, and Governance. In the Enterprise Information Management environment, Data Integration, Data Quality, and Metadata Management would not be possible much less successful without Metadata Management.

Why embark on an MDM initiative? Because , Metadata management (MDM) has become a crucial discipline, with MDM solutions sitting at the centre of many organisations' IT architectures. There are key trends will shape this market's growth and evolution, and each trend has its complexities.

Who creates metadata?

This varies according to discipline, tools available, resource or data set described, but is almost always a cooperative effort. It is best in any situation if the originator of the resource provides the information. There are many tools developed to support Metadata projects. Creation tools can exist in the form of: Templates, Mark-up tools, Extraction tools, and Conversion tools.

Benefits of Metadata
Kwezi Software Solutions Service Offering:

In some instances Metadata is considered an invisible layer to an organisation with the exception of technical specialists managing the data and as a result many have difficulty understanding Metadata. The core of Kwezi Software Solutions strategy is to align IT and Business. We understand that metadata is an inevitable best practice for successful data-driven business process and technical implementation. Within our portfolio of Metadata projects, we have assisted in dealing with complex relationships between information technology assets, facilitating what-if- analysis, and increasing the productivity of business and IT. Overall Kwezi Software Solutions assists to reduce costs, improve business-service delivery, and reduce risks.