Big Data

Kwezi Software Solutions understands that effective data visualization is critical to making smarter decisions and improving productivity. We know that Big Data trends are increasing and driving the adoption of tools to detect patterns and understand behaviour.

In essence Big Data Analytics is concerned with the exploration of granular details of organisational operations and customer interactions that seldom find their way into a data warehouse or standard reports. This includes unstructured data coming from sensors, devices, third parties, web applications, and social media, sourced in real time and on a large scale.

Kwezi Software Solutions can propose implementation of advanced analytics techniques such as predictive analytics, data mining, statistical analytics, and natural language processing, thereby enabling an organisation to study big data and thereby enhance understanding of the current state of the organisation and customer behaviour.

At Kwezi Software Solutions we sensitise organisations to recognising that big data analytics is key to overall data control success. Kwezi Software Solutions can supply people with the specialized skills required to take on the process of turning big data into actionable, decision-making information.

Kwezi Software Solutions realises that the demand to access and analyse new sources of data within an organisation is becoming increasingly more important for the organisation to remain competitive. We further realise that it can be challenging to discover the big data and analytics workflow and how to eliminate complexity and increase time to valuable business insights.

Kwezi Software Solutions will assist organisations to implement the following steps in the big data analytics workflow:

  • Data Collection - Determine the data to be obtained from a variety of both structured and unstructured data sources including documents, spread sheets, email messages, images, texts, and social media content. Kwezi Software Solutions will assist in the development of custom code and the writing of scripts or use of specialized ETL tools to complete this process.
  • Data Transformation - Once Kwezi Software Solutions have assisted in the sourcing of suitable data, the data will be prepared in the most optimized format before any analysis is performed.
  • Data Access - With the data in the correct format, Kwezi Software Solutions will direct the data to a big data store. Big Data stores such as Hadoop, NoSQL, and analytic databases will be structured and setup for the organisation.
  • Data Modelling - Kwezi Software Solutions will assist the organisation to derive actionable information from the raw data. For example, when exploring data, it is essential to know and understand attributes (e.g., product ID, product name, price, etc.) and the relationships between these entities. Kwezi Software Solutions will assist in establishing a metadata model that shows relationships and hierarchies to make the connection between data and business processes for the organisation.
  • Data Visualization and Exploration - Kwezi Software Solutions will assist the organisation to examine relevant data, perform the actual analysis, and provide the information in the format needed to make informed business decisions.
  • Advanced Analytics and Prediction - Once the data is visualised the next logical step in the big data work flow is to perform predictive analytics. Based on vast amounts of historical data Kwezi Software Solutions can assist the organisation to perform predictive analytics and help organizations to plan and optimize for the future.