Environmental Policy

Kwezi Software Solutions recognises our responsibility to the environment and our local communities by adhering to our Environmental Policy. We operate in an environmentally responsible manner and we are dedicated to constantly improving.

We adhere to a strict internal Health and Safety Committee and commit to regulatory SHERQ procedures and audits.

Our environmental policy includes:

  • We are aiming to acquire our ISO 14001 compliancy certificate (Environmental standard)
  • Printing and Paper Awareness Programme

In order to reduce the amount of wasted paper and toner cartridges, weekly reports are pulled on all printer usage at our offices. We keep recycling bins for wasted paper and a shredder for confidential documentation.

The purpose of this Printer and Paper Awareness programme is to serve as an awareness initiative for all Kwezi Software Solutions employee's, and provide a general guideline on how Kwezi Software Solutions can ensure effective saving on the amount of paper we consume.