The trend of people collaborating through their mobile devices has expanded rapidly into the business world. As consumers immerse themselves more and more in technology through their personal lives, they expect business to be able to interact with them in the same convenient ways. Although we have seen some response from business in terms of the enablement of mobile access to their traditional web channels, as well as the proliferation of mobile apps, this response has been limited to the capabilities that exist, which can easily be exposed through mobile channels. Whilst this strategy may have been valid in recent times, the current momentum of mobile technology proliferation suggests a new strategy is to now be followed.

Kwezi Software Solutions believes in a philosophy of looking at a mobile strategy starting from the perspective of the user, encompassing the capabilities of the mobile technology at their disposal. It is the mobility of the user, as well as the power of the device that should drive the strategy around what business should offer through this channel.

A side effect of this trend is a huge amount of new data upon which new insights can be built and derived. This valuable information resource remains largely untapped.

Our service offerings in this area are therefore as follows:

  • Mobile strategy assessment
  • Mobile Business Intelligence solutions
  • Mobile Security solutions
  • Mobile workforce enablement
  • Mobile application development