Corporate Social Responsibility

Kwezi Software Solutions is recognised by prominent businesses as a trusted Enterprise Information Management company. As a 100 % South African company we subscribe to assisting job creation and improving skill shortages. Our core values include BEE and CSI and we are actively involved in a number of on-going projects, including:

Skill Development and Corporate Social Investment

Our training and development programme aims to improve the current skills shortages in the Enterprise Information Management space. The programme has been developed specifically for individuals from a previously disadvantaged background. These individuals are given the practical experience, training and mentorship to be successful in the EIM environment. As a company, we also take responsibility for placing these candidates in the workplace, be it with us, our clients, or with an organisation that aligns strongly to their career paths. We also sponsor a reading programme just outside of Alexandra, giving learners the ability to learn how to read and write. We are passionate about our continent and making a real difference in people's lives. To this end we are actively engaged with the community to see where we can add value and assistance.

Ethics and Governance

Kwezi Software Solutions subscribes to a stringent code of ethics that governs business conduct and relationships between the company, its customers and suppliers. The board of directors regards corporate governance as fundamental to the success of the company's business and is unreservedly committed to applying the principles of good corporate governance in its management of the company. All the key principles underlying the King III Code of Corporate Practices and Conduct are reflected in the corporate governance structures.