Why Kwezi Software Solutions?

IT initiatives to help enterprises make money

  • We provide context-aware computing: using advanced information about the end user's environment to increase customer intimacy
  • We provide innovative IT: The pursuit of innovative IT methods, especially within the business, but under newly defined governance and risk parameters
  • We determine pattern-based strategies: Disciplines and technologies that enable business and IT leaders to actively seek, model and adapt to patterns of change
  • We bridge the gap between business and IT: using existing infrastructure wherever possible to minimise costs and to enhance business processes with a roadmap of the To-be
  • IT and Operational Technology (OT) alignment: As IT and OT rely on common technology platforms, next will be the move to align the IT and OT groups
  • Sustainability: How information technology can help IT and business leaders manage and improve performance

The predominant impact of the above will be to increase revenue, and reduce enterprise costs.